Senior Advisor, Health IT Transformation

Dr. William H. Gruber focuses on cultural and technological transformation in the delivery of health care. †Dr. Gruberís health care assignments include:

Consulting with Pfizer for 25 years, a time of extraordinary Pfizer progress in the use of information technology-enabled strategic business†initiatives and assignments with the Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Research Association;

∑The development of a computer system for a large chain of nursing homes;†

∑Providing strategy and information consulting services for Harvard University Health Services (HUHS) for over a decade; Dr. David Rosenthal, HUHS Director, received† the 2008 Massachusetts Health Care Data Consortion Award for development and successful implementation of the HUHS Electronic Medical Record, now used by over 50 universities;

Chief Information Officer (CIO) of the Risk Management Foundation (RMF) of the Harvard Medical Institutions, the†malpractice insurance company for the Harvard-affiliated hospitals and physicians.† Dr. Gruber contributed to the† launching of an extension of the†Risk Management Foundation scope from serving only the Harvard-affiliated medical institutions to a new business venture, funded with venture capital from the Board, to sell information technology-based systems, data and educational services to a worldwide market. In this assignment he assisted in the business planning to justify this venture investment and he was a† major player in the sale of the first clients and the launch of these client assignments;

Principal investigator for a study of telemedicine applications to be carried on the National Information Infrastructure;

Teaching courses in health care economics and management as an adjunct professor in the Boston College Graduate School of Management.

Early in his academic career on the faculty of the MIT Sloan School of Management, Dr. Gruber was the co-inventor of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) concept, a major contributor to the key ideas on supply push and demand pull in technology innovation (MIT Press), the integration of research and development with corporate strategy (American Management Association), and the technology factor in international trade and investment of United States companies (Harvard Business School). Dr. Gruber was a contributor to the launch of the MIT Sloan School Research Program on the Management of Science and Technology (1962) and the MIT Sloan School Center for Information Systems Research (1975).†† The first two directors of this pioneering MIT Sloan School program wrote forwards to two of Dr. Gruber's books.

Dr. Gruberís research, consulting, teaching and publications in technology innovation and information technology-enabled strategy were input to the next stage of his career in which he focused on the transformation of business from experience-based intuition to research-based and IT-enabled innovations in the practice of management (The New Management, 1976). This book presented Dr. Gruberís ideas from his MIT Sloan School courses for advanced graduate students on Strategic Planning, Management Information Systems, Organizational Systems, and Strategic Integration of Research and Development.

Dr. Gruber managed assignments with over a dozen major vendors of information technology and data services in programs of market niche dominance strategy based on understanding customer needs (client list includes IBM, HP, Lotus, Wang, DEC, Reuters, Telerate, and the Data Resources Division of McGraw-Hill). He also managed many business client assignments in the strategic use of information technology and programs of massive change management (reengineering).

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