Grant Ferrier

Nutrition Business Journal Editor-in-Chief and Environmental Expert/Advisor

Mr. Ferrier represents nutritional supplement and environmental conservation industry interests in many government and business forums. He has testified before the three Congressional Subcommittees and serves on advisory committees for the United Nations, OECD, the U.S. EPA and the U.S. Dept. of Commerce.

Mr. Ferrier entered the publishing business in 1984 and became editor of two national trade publications before forming his own publishing and research firm in 1988. He has also served as lead consultant or principal advisor on a number of proprietary consulting, research and strategy development assignments in the nutrition industry.

Editor-in-Chief of Nutrition Business Journal: Grant is the editor-in-chief of NBJ, which is the nutrition industry's leading business publication. Under his supervision and editing, NBJ also publishes a series of market research reports, a weekly email news update, and industry data supplements and articles on its website

Author of Foundation Nutrition Industry Reports: Mr. Ferrier is the principal author of NBJ's Supplement Business Report 2004, a 900-page comprehensive analysis of the U.S. dietary supplement business from raw materials to manufacturing to retail. Other reports co-authored by Mr. Ferrier are NBJ's Healthy & Functional Foods Report 2004, NBJ's Sports Nutrition & Weight-Loss Report 2005 and NBJ's Organic Foods Report 2004.

Expert on Environmental Issues: Mr. Ferrier is Chairman of the California Environmental Business Council, a board member of the Environmental Industry Coalition of the United States and has served on the board of directors of four private corporations. Mr. Ferrier worked in academia and the private sector in energy efficiency, solar energy and wind energy from 1978-1984. He has a technical background with degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Conservation & Resource Studies from the University of California, Berkeley.

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