James Gaskin

Small and Medium Business Technology Expert

James E. Gaskin has been solving computer and network problems for businesses small and large since 1984. In 16 books and hundreds of articles, network consultant Gaskin tells people faster, cheaper, newer, and smarter ways to connect to each other and the world. A founding member of the Network World Lab Alliance, Gaskin focuses on small office issues and product testing.

Mr. Gaskin is the leading voice for the small business market through his long-running Small Business Technology newsletter distributed by Network World.

As an author, Mr. Gaskin advises SMB executives regarding computers and networking technical issues, as well as how to better deal with the people sitting in front of those computers. Titles include:

  • Talk Is Cheap: Switching to Internet Telephones O'Reilly
  • Broadband Bible, Desktop Edition Wiley
  • Mastering NetWare 6 Sybex
  • Integrating UNIX and NetWare Networks Novell Press
  • NetWare to Internet Gateways, Prentice Hall
  • Corporate Politics and the Internet: Connection Without Controversy, Prentice Hall
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