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Mr. James Grosvenor is CEO of Balanced Business Advisors, Inc. (BBA), a comprehensive network of program management and industry expert consultants with the mission of delivering practical and transformational business and Health IT solutions and implementations. During his career, Mr. Grosvenor has managed projects as a McKinsey Consultant in Japan and Los Angeles, led health services industry transformation inquiries, spearheaded top management strategic initiatives for 12 years at Hewlett Packard, launched a venture for public opinion polling, and led an IT Strategy practice as a Managing Director at Bearingpoint. BBA's focus and methodologies are founded in large part on Mr. Grosvenor's multi-industry consulting and management experience.

New Market Entry: Mr. Grosvenor frequently assists management teams with diversification by identifying pragmatic business opportunities in new market areas. He has led new market entry efforts in both high and low technology sectors. For example, Jim recently assisted a global imaging company identify high growth diversification opportunities for generating $1B revenue in 5 years, including an inquiry into medical imaging device opportunties. Jim also led the business aspects of Hewlett-Packard's launching of the next generation microprocessor with Intel, a chip architecture that impacted the majority of products from both companies.

Business Due Diligence: During his career, Mr. Grosvenor has demonstrated cross-functional expertise spanning a number of disciplines, including strategy, operations, IT, finance, deal structuring, and negotiation. Business Due Diligence projects are often multifaceted from industry and technology perspectives and require the type of cross-disciplinary approach that Jim and his BBA colleagues are equipped to deliver. Recently Jim collaborated closely with Goldman Sachs and Sullivan & Cromwell to negotiate a $600M chemical storage merger for a >$100B Japanese parent company.

Growth Strategy: Jim also leads initiatives for operational enhancement and growth strategy development, often for portfolio companies of major corporations and private equity firms. He recently led a program with the 2-year goal of doubling the revenue and profit of a nutritional supplement subsidiary company. To identify levers for growth, the team captured buying information and perspectives from over 100 potential and existing customers, and over 1500 consumers. Equipped with focused primary research data, the team built a path forward that was both aggressive and pragmatic. In addition to the recommendations and plans, the client management team received a financial model customized to their business for use in operational and financial management, and future strategic planning.

Mr. Grosvenor is fluent in Japanese and has consulted and conducted business in Japanese. Jim authored a book published in Japanese and English (Prentice Hall) entitled, "IT-Preneuring, Mainframe Downsizing to Upsize Your Business". James Grosvenor received an MBA from Wharton Business School and graduated from Harvard College, Magna Cum Laude.

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